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Irrigating Fields

There's a Better
Way to Irrigate

Let us help you move beyond manually tracking and monitoring and into the ease of automated irrigation. Our technology and service offers you the peace of mind you deserve.


Providing Solutions That Matter

Our proprietary technology connects with your existing irrigation system to give you the control you need—when you need it. Knowing precisely how much water or fertilizer are being applied to your crops, and when, is critical to maximizing your inputs. Best of all, you can turn your water on from your mobile phone!

Maximize Production

With Less Water

More control and precision means less water usage.

Synchronize With Your

Existing System

Seamlessly powers your well, reservoir and pump system.

Schedule and Track

Inputs Online

Capture data wirelessly anywhere, anytime.

Enable Pulse


Precisely distribute a set amount of product over time.

Taking Agriculture, Technology
and Service One Step 



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We developed a better way to irrigate because we know your business.

Today's water shortages are making farming more challenging than ever, which also makes conservation and tracking more important than ever. As a fifth generation farmer with extensive experience in the agriculture industry, I understand these challenges and recognized that there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage and track irrigation. With the help of my brother Peter, we developed and produced the "Hub", a standalone machine that transforms an existing manual irrigation site into a fully automated system — all controlled from your computer, phone or tablet. 

We are eager to show you the future of automated irrigation. Contact us today to put Empirical Ag's technology, customer service and experience to work for you.

Chris Meyer - Founder, Empirical Ag, Inc.

Call us at 559-647-0065 or Email Us

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